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Reintegration Program

The Whole Body Approach

We are all made up of different parts of our “self” – our mind/thoughts, physical body, emotional and spiritual beings. War is an extreme experience that can disconnect us from one or all aspects of our “self”. This program provides you with an opportunity to begin the process of reconnecting and reintegrating all parts to fully participate in your “life.” 

           Module I Free the Mind:
           Re-thinking self-critical, hopeless and unforgiving thoughts
 Module II Be Present in Your Body:
   Through Yoga & Mindfulness

 • Module III Bridging the Gap:
   Therapeutic tools to navigate clarity of mind and body through
   peer-to-peer counseling, creative   arts, life coaching, and referrals 
   to traditional healthcare & holistic practitioners

Program Benefits

• Relate with others who shared a similar experience in a supportive environment

• Discover hope for your healing

• Learn how to be present in your body and mind

• Identify the stressors impacting your mind and body

• Release negative thought processes and gain positive and alternative ways to process through your experience

• Rediscover your self-worth

• Releasing guilt/shame associated with your service

• Diminish anger, anxiety and depression

• Develop effective ways to communicate your feelings so that you can reconnect with family and friends

There & Back Again is a non-profit organization that is privately funded to provide veterans free services. Donors are grateful for your service and wish to express this gratitude by supporting your healing.

Soldiers practitioning yoga
during physical fitness (PT)