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“A lot of times when we are sent somewhere away from our families for a period time, and you mixed that with combat, injuries, and scared memories of brothers we loose….it makes it so hard to come back home and try to live a normal life in the real world. I say try to live a normal life for the fact that we aren"t normal when we come back. A lot of times when we come back some may have physical injuries that are apparent, or some may have internal injuries, and some may just have extreme emotional injuries. So what happens? We come back and we feel lost because we feel that no one is listening to us, and we feel like no one understands because let me be honest, unless you've been over there, and have been put in bad situations than you will never fully understand how we feel when we come home and how we'll feel years from now. Meditation/yoga are the things that calms the soul. To just sit there and close your eyes and just breathe relaxing all your muscles and letting go of any stress. That's all we really need some times is a break from life to just sit in peace to gain a little bit more understanding to remember who we are inside. That's how it was for me and at first I didn't get it, but the more I did it you could start to see a change in my life for the better. Overall, I truly believe that yoga, meditations, and various of other forms of practices helps to save lives everyday. I know because it saved my life. It gave me hope and the strength I needed to reconnect myself to world again.”
Lance Corporal LaDon Williams
U.S. Marine Corp
Served three (3) tours in Iraq